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UTi comes up trumps in legal dispute by recovering lost email

Before choosing Cibecs (years prior to a lost email incident) UTi ran a parallel test between Cibecs and other well-known end-point data backup and recovery solutions providers.

According to Rhyan Hicks, IT manager at UTi’s Freight Forwarding division, Cibecs proved simple to use and he found data easy to recover, whilst the other product not only proved complicated but, frankly, didn’t do the job as advertised.

Why Cibecs?

Founded in 2004, Cibecs has earned a reputation as a reliable and cost effective data backup and recovery solution. The software features:

  • Automated Backup – no user involvement required
  • Quick, Easy, Data Recovery – In three easy steps
  • Central Management – placing you in full control
  • Scalability – Backup only a couple, to thousands of users, to your own servers.
  • Faster, cheaper migration of data – minimizing user downtime and IT resource expense.

“Cibecs delivers what you need”

And it was no different this time around,” says Hicks. “We had been using Cibecs for some time when a dispute regarding storage notification threatened to boil over into a costly ordeal. Having used the software on numerous previous occasions I was confident of retrieving the lost data (an email in this instance) to prove liability should lie with the storage provider in question.”

Using Cibecs, Hicks was able to track down the exact email required without too much of fuss or effort on his part. The ability of Cibecs to produce the lost goods (so to speak), and recover lost email saved UTi a lot of time and money – and, according to Hicks, once again proved how justified the minimal capital investment in Cibecs’ data backup and recovery solution was.

Users cannot be trusted to backup the right kind of data,” says Hicks. “Of course they backup music, movies, photos and such, but not critical organizational data.

Gives you central control.

Not only does this practice not help the business one iota when laptops and desktops are lost, stolen, corrupted or destroyed (along with the data stored on it) but also just wastes the organization’s existing storage infrastructure. . . Not to mention the IT resource required in trying to retrieve information that should not have been lost in the first place.

“This is partly the reason we invested in Cibecs, to take responsibility away from users and give us central control over what data is backed up,” says Hicks. “It’s just a pity we didn’t have it years earlier, it could have saved us a whole lot more!”

Partnering to save the day.

“I’ve got two top vendors that I will recommend to anyone and Cibecs is one of them.” says Hicks in his final comment. “The company’s continuous development, and eagerness to listen to our suggestions for further enhancements, means that our relationship is more like a partnership than that of the usual supplier / client association.”