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State of Business Data Protection in SA

Cibecs 2012 SA Business Data Protection Statistics & Trends

The 2012 SA Data Protection survey uncovers the latest trends and challenges around business data protection in South Africa:

  • How BYOD and user mobility is effecting data security
  • How companies are protecting their data, and new IT data trends & challenges
  • What value South Africans put on their business data
  • How prepared are we for The Protection of Personal Information Bill


Download the 2012 SA Business Data Protection Survey Results

White paper

2012 Business Data Loss Survey

Cibecs & IDG Connect: 2012 Data Loss Survey Results

The study provides the latest statistics around enterprise endpoint data security & how data management is changing:

  • How BYOD and user mobility is effecting data security
  • How companies are protecting their data, and new IT challenges


Download the 2012 Data Loss Survey

White paper

PPI Compliance for Businesses

PPI Compliance: Achieving Compliance with Protection of Personal Information


  • An introduction to PPI
  • What is the Protection of Personal Information?
  • 7 Key areas for consideration
  • How To: Develop a practical privacy road map

Download PPI for Business white paper

White paper

SOX Compliance with Cibecs

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance: Achieving Compliance with Data Protection

How to ensure SOX compliance with Cibecs data protection

  • An introduction to SOX
  • How a data protection assists with Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

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White paper

CIO Best Practices

CIO Best Practice: Addressing 3 Common Business IT Challenges

How to ensure best practice methods are followed when dealing with 3 common CIO Data Management challenges.
- Simplify Data Migration projects
- Understand Endpoint Data Protection Best Practice
- Ensure Secure Cyber Security

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White paper

Cibecs Software Technical White Paper

Cibecs data backup & recovery software product white paper

Download our Product White Paper to get a full breakdown of Cibecs software features.

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White paper

Why user-managed file server backup doesn’t work

Why IT Manager’s can’t leave data protection up to the user

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White paper

Cibecs Data Backup Competitive Differentiators

Cibecs is a built from the ground up endpoint data protection solution with features specifically tailored for enterprise environments.

Download our Competitive Differentiators to find out why our customers have chosen Cibecs to ensure effective laptop & desktop data protection in their environments.

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White paper

HIPAA Compliance through effective data protection

How end users may be jeopardizing your compliance, and simple data protection best practice to ensure they don’t.

This white paper outlines:

  • HIPAA – Who must comply and why
  • Protecting the privacy of EPHI
  • 7 Ways to better your HIPAA compliance
  • Further resources

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White paper

8 Winning Strategies for Enterprise Endpoint Data Continuity

Gartner predicts that data flow into businesses and enterprises will grow by 650% over the next five years. Add to that the ever increasing mobility of vast amounts of data by way of much improved laptop storage, and companies have a potential disaster on their hands should smart data management not be the order of the day.

This White Paper presents a novel holistic approach to endpoint data continuity, protecting enterprise data assets while delivering operational dividends, outlining:

  • The problem with with end user data protection?
  • Why does this problem exist
  • Effects of data loss
  • 8 best practice solutions for addressing enterprise endpoint data continuity
  • Ensuring value in your organization

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