Introducing Version 8
Cibecs endpoint backup, security and protection, announced its latest release, Version 8, featuring an all-new user interface (UI). The newest release of the software squarely place Cibecs as a forerunner in the endpoint data protection space.

Inspired by simplicity, Cibecs designed the new UI to improve usability, centralise data protection and increase productivity.

With Version 8, Cibecs confirms its position as a leading endpoint backup, protection and security solution that offers a comprehensive product that not only backs up data, but also protects it with data loss prevention features, such as the introduction of Geo Locate and Cloud Protection.
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A Clean New Interface
Cibecs has grown from a simple endpoint backup solution to a complete endpoint backup, security and protection solution. As we have added functionality the dashboard became a little crowded, with Version 8 it was time for an update.

With Version 8 all the functionality (and more) you love has been updated to fit into a new, fresh interface that is more intuitive. These are some of the interface updates:

A better user experience
Fresh, new Dashboard
New icons make policy creation easier and faster
Email reports have been redesigned to provide IT and Management with easy to read and understand data metrics
A New & Improved Agent
A clean updated new look that is more intuitive to use.
Backup & Protect Cloud Files

Cloud services are fantastic business tools but the local folders stored on devices leave user data vulnerable.

Cibecs now offers security and protection for vulnerable data stored on cloud services. With unlimited backup and encryption, it is the perfect companion for Office 365, Dropbox and Google Drive.

New! Device geo-location
When a device is lost or stolen, IT is able to locate it quickly & easily. IT can track the location of any protected device for quick recovery or remote wipe, increasing the chances of recovering your device and the confidential data on it.

  • Google Maps interface provides details such as street, city, and country
  • Displays the last-known IP address of every device
  • Cibecs geo-location tracking is accurate within 10-20 meters

Geolocation makes Cibecs a complete endpoint protection solution.

Support for the latest platforms
Get protection for the latest Microsoft and Apple operating systems
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Cibecs is a trademark of Datafox (Pty) Ltd.




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