cibecs-and-pinnaclePinnacle, a member of the JSE listed Pinnacle Holdings, and one of Africa’s largest providers of Information and Communication Technology has partnered with South African based software company Cibecs, to offer their customers and partners industry-leading end user data backup and protection.

Cibecs, developed in South Africa, with a large global customer and partner base, is a complete endpoint data protection solution for business with multiple cost-savings and operational benefits.

In today’s distributed business environment, Pinnacle recognises that end user data backup & protection is one of the most vital business necessities. With South African legislation such as The Protection of Personal Information Act putting huge financial and legal consequences on companies that don’t effectively protect their data, Pinnacle can now offer this world-class solution across their partner and customer network, enabling them to secure their business data, ensure compliance and drive down their overhead costs.

As a prominent distributor of new and advanced technologies that are superior in performance and reliability, Pinnacle selected to partner with Cibecs so that they could offer their partners and customers more than just a tactical endpoint backup product. Cibecs equips business IT with both secure and automated end user data backup as well as complete Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in a single solution. These integrated DLP features include local file encryption, geo-location of devices and the ability to remotely wipe data from a lost or stolen device, meaning business data on laptops and desktops is completely secure and protected.

The Cibecs product capabilities extend to massive operational benefits for the Pinnacle customer and partner network and will assist them in streamlining their IT operations and driving down support costs and IT overheads. With Cibecs, IT can easily migrate backed up users to new operating systems or hardware, have more control over storage and bandwidth costs, and simplify and speed-up data recovery in the event of loss. The software is also easy to deploy, implement and centrally manage – making roll-out simple and meaning it can be easily scaled across multiple users and locations.

“Pinnacle is excited to welcome Cibecs into the Pinnacle family, and we look forward to offering partners and customers a product that has extensive operational benefit,” says Evette Wessels of Pinnacle. If you are a Pinnacle partner and would like to know more about Cibecs please contact Helen Vermij on 011 265 3353 or

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About Cibecs



Founded in 2004 Cibecs is a privately owned software company headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa and with offices in China and Australia as well as strategic partnerships in the North America, Asia and South America.

Cibecs has key partnerships, IBM who has approved Cibecs as a partner on its Tivoli Endpoint Manager platform, Western Digital who bundles Cibecs with its pro-sumer and consumer NAS devices, and Aranda Software in South America.

With an established network of partners and a highly skilled and dedicated team, Cibecs has been value proven through our dedicated support and the reliability of our business software.

For more information contact Cibecs on 011 791 0073 or visit

You can follow @Cibecs on Twitter, or like our page on Facebook.

About Pinnacle



Built on the foundation of entrepreneurial spirit, Pinnacle is South Africa’s leading ICT distribution company. We offer a broad range of world-class technology products seamlessly delivered across an expansive footprint. Everything we do is underpinned by our technical expertise, drive and determination – we call it delivering the exceptional.

For more information about Pinnacle, visit our website or contact our offices on +27 (0)11 265 3000. You can also follow Pinnacle (@Pinnacle_ICT) on Twitter, join us on Facebook.


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