Two ways technology is bad for your employees

Using technology to make a business more efficient and effective is vital to the growth and sustainability of the organisation. However, while it can make a business more efficient, it’s essential to remember that technology can also create an unfriendly workplace and even prevent users from getting work done. Speed of Work Technology helps to…

4 Signs You Need a New Endpoint Data Backup Solution

With more workers depending on laptops it is more important than ever to ensure that the work protected and stored on those devices is backed up and protected. Forrester Research says that 45% of corporate executives don’t follow policies for data use and handling. Underlining how at risk almost half of a business’s data actually…

CIO and compliance

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) plays a crucial part in assisting with compliance within organisations. The IT department provides technology resources and skills that are needed by corporate compliance officers when conducting projects that assist in keeping their company in line with laws and regulations. The problem is that compliance officers often have to rely on other departments…

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Automated Backup, Reduced Support, Minimized Bandwidth Cost

Effective endpoint data continuity means reducing required end user support and minimizing bandwidth costs

5 Stages of Data Loss Grief

In South Africa, the release of the King III Report in March 2010, as well as the implementation of the new Companies Act last year, means businesses are alert to the consequences of data loss and the importance of taking responsibility for IT governance and data archival.  

Central management and Full control over data backups

In order to enforce the company’s data backup policy, IT needs to have a complete oversight of the End-User Data Backup environment.

The Challenges of an Enterprise PC refresh project

Data Migration & Enterprise PC refresh projects Co-ordinating and managing PC refresh initiatives present the IT department with many challenges. Read our IT Manager’s Guide to Corporate PC Refresh Projects EXTENSIVE PLANNING: The process of assessing the current state of PCs within the organization and identifying areas that need updates is a massive undertaking. Issues…

All taped out? Tape vs Disk

Is tape backup still a viable solution?

Cloud NEIN: Why enterprise CIOs do not want their data in the cloud.

In a recent study 49% of CIOs and CFOs listed security fears as the primary barrier to adopting a cloud solution. When it comes to the security of company data and the viability of moving user data into the cloud, Enterprise CIOs it seems are not so enthusiastic.

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