Two ways technology is bad for your employees

Using technology to make a business more efficient and effective is vital to the growth and sustainability of the organisation. However, while it can make a business more efficient, it’s essential to remember that technology can also create an unfriendly workplace and even prevent users from getting work done. Speed of Work Technology helps to…

4 Signs You Need a New Endpoint Data Backup Solution

With more workers depending on laptops it is more important than ever to ensure that the work protected and stored on those devices is backed up and protected. Forrester Research says that 45% of corporate executives don’t follow policies for data use and handling. Underlining how at risk almost half of a business’s data actually…

CIO and compliance

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) plays a crucial part in assisting with compliance within organisations. The IT department provides technology resources and skills that are needed by corporate compliance officers when conducting projects that assist in keeping their company in line with laws and regulations. The problem is that compliance officers often have to rely on other departments…

Compliance & Risk

State of SA Business Data Protection

Survey Results: Only 26% of South African Companies are Preparing For POPI Bill Our recent survey of over 300 South African companies revealed that only 26% are actively looking for technologies and adjusting processes to ensure they comply with the Protection of Personal Information Bill, which is expected to be promulgated in 2013.

Outlook Email Backup / PST Backup with Cibecs

Outlook Email Backup with Cibecs Cibecs software is built to address business data backup requirements and provides IT with an effective tool for protecting Outlook email from loss and backing up large PSTs. Cibecs is optimised for easy Outlook email backup and PST backup, and makes recovering all emails and PSTs and an entire Outlook…

Cibecs business backup software: An overview

Cibecs Backup Overview Cibecs is the simplest and most efficient software for business laptop and desktop data protection. Cibecs business backup software has been built from the ground up to address organizational challenges around desktop and laptop data backup and recovery, ensuring tangible operational benefits and driving down TCO. The Cibecs Business Backup Solution consists…

Corporate Governance Compliance Checklist – Data Protection

Data Protection & Corporate Governance Compliance Checklist for Business IT Compliance & Legalities around Data Protection for Businesses: A Corporate Governance Compliance checklist Corporate Governance Compliance and the requirements around Data Protection have become increasingly important to businesses globally due to the consequences of being non-compliant, as well as the often devastating results of data…

Data Protection: Big Changes in EU Data Protection Regulations

When it comes to cutting costs and, especially, IT resource spend – a measured, surgical approach that seeks to maximize output and streamline processes will stand any organization in far better stead than, say, cutting costs across the board just for the sake of it.

What SA Government IT needs for improved Auditor General reports

Most businesses, enterprises and organizations still experience a large variety of issues with user data backups. The main issue, of course, is that backups are not reliable, making data recovery a tedious task (if possible at all).

Discover how easy endpoint data protection can be