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From no data security to protection of critical government data on end-user devices in 2 hours*

*from no protection to policy setup and deployment within 2 hours.

Stats SA Requirements:

Statistics South Africa faced a number of challenges in the end-user data environment. The major areas of concern being users not following policy, data not being recoverable and ultimately not meeting the requirements dictated by the Auditor General on the protection of end-user data.


Anele Chaza, DD: End User Support (ICT), Statistics South Africa




Protected end
user data


Amount of
data protected

5 Days

Data recovery



user data


Amount of
data protected

2 Hrs

Data recovery

Full Story

Department policy dictated that governmental data should be stored in shared folders, however they found that data almost always ended up on the local devices.

Users would approach IT Services when devices were lost or stolen and wanted IT to recover data – and when not possible – questioned why the department would provide devices but not have measures in place to protect the information on them.

Lastly the Auditor General logged the key finding that they could see they department were protecting server information but that the end-user data was not covered.

Cibecs was evaluated and found to cover all of the requirements and deliver additional operational value. Users now have less downtime and IT technical support resources no longer had to spend their time trying to recover data which would have been lost or take extremely long to recover where recovery was possible.

Statistics SA implemented Cibecs just before the worldwide COVID pandemic. When lockdown procedures were implemented a key part of the IT Executive team’s role was to quickly assess their ability to protect and assist users while they were working from home. Detailed scenarios were mapped out including protocols in the event of stolen devices, information protection protocols; everyday scenarios at home from kids spilling milk on a notebook to the device being dropped, all events that the department had no control over. Cibecs was core to the strategy and no user data has been lost or valuable time wasted in trying to recreate data and user support requirements are down.

“Cibecs was instrumental in protecting the critical governmental data stored on our end-user devices worked on remotely. Due to this capability the department invested in additional notebook devices and increased the number of Cibecs protection licenses as we were satisfied that the valuable data is protected”

Anele Chaza, DD: End User Support (ICT), Statistics South Africa

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