Backup & Protect Mobile Data Wherever it's Stored

Typically protecting and backing up endpoint data of mobile users is almost impossible. With Cibecs’ opportunistic system, backups happen whenever the device connects to the company network, ensuring that all data is backed up and protected.

Secure Data

Data stored on devices is completely secured with local data encryption, and is only accessible by logged in users.

IT Retains Complete Control

From the control center, IT administrators are able to keep track of user protection ratings as well as revoke encryption keys and conduct remote wipes.


Never Miss a Backup

Automated, opportunistic backups ensures that IT is not reliant on users to backup data.

Why Cibecs Works

No User Engagement
  • Completely automated
  • Remotely deployed
A Complete Solution
  • Backup & data protection in one solution
  • One implentation
Simple to Monitor
  • Consolidated metric
  • Business & technical reports

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