Remove the challenges of protecting enterprise remote or branch office data.

Cibecs makes it simple to backup branch data ensures data backup & recovery. Remote Office Backup not only provides a centralised solution for automatically backing up branch office users but also reduces bandwidth and storage requirements.

Consolidated Reporting

One consolidated report simplifies reporting over multiple backup servers, making it easy to track the overall protection of data within the entire organisation regardless if users are stationed at head-office or satellite branches.


Centralized Management

Enabling the ease of administration across multiple backup servers from a single console.

Backup All Users Easily
  • Cibecs Centralized Solution – Agents backup to a centrally hosted backup server located at the head office.
  • Cibecs Decentralized Solution – Agents backup to a local branch backup server.

Remote Office Backup Benefits

Lower Impact on Infrastructure
  • Eliminate impact on WAN bandwidth during normal operating hours as all backups are localized.
Disaster Recovery Compatible
  • Full disaster recovery is still possible by performing replication of the backup server to the head office during non-business hours.
Faster Recovery
  • Faster recovery of data as the backup server is located at the branch level.

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