Cibecs simplifies data migration & device refresh projects, reduces overhead costs and saves time for IT.

Get users back to work in no time with Cibecs data migration which makes replacing lost, stolen or old laptops and desktops quick and easy.

Recover user data regardless of operating system version allowing seamless migration. Business also mitigates the risk of IT accessing confidential information during migration and OS upgrade projects. This enables IT to deliver better service at a lower cost.

Easy & Reliable Data Migration

Cibecs data restore is an easy wizard driven process that can be done by users or centrally by the administrator. Individual files or entire data sets can be recovered. The recovery process is much faster than Microsoft Copy and includes a search function for easy discovery of backed up files.

In the event of a recovery being done to a new device, users who have forgotten their encryption keys are able to retrieve these with permission from the security officer from the encryption key safe on the server.

Reduce Migration Costs

Cibecs offers shortcut support and ensures that user data is migrated to the original location. This means that when the user receives their new hardware they can resume work immediately and will be able to find their data in the location it was originally stored on their old PC, reducing man-hours spent on migration and unproductive downtime for the end user.

Increase Efficiency

Users are able to recover files independently of IT. Recovery of a single file or data set is possible from anywhere at any time.

Upon recovery the backup archive is not lost, so users continue to backup from where they last backed up, even after recovery.



Secure Migrations

User data is encrypted, aiding with corporate governance compliance and ensuring confidentiality and security of business data during migration.

Centralized reporting provides an audit trail of any restores performed during the migration process.

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