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Clinix Health Compliance Case Study

“Cibecs changed the way we do things” says Cathy Harris, Clinix’ IT Manager.

Clinix began using Cibecs in March 2010 after the company experienced continued frustrations with data loss resulting from users not following Clinix’ data backup policy, thereby exposing the company to several risks and unnecessary operational costs.

In accordance with the company’s data backup policy, specific employees had been given memory sticks with instruction to backup all appropriate business critical data onto the devices. Ultimately users forgot, found it time consuming and became unresponsive to the process.

This lack of efficient user data backup was an obvious risk to Clinix as their organizational data includes medical records, financial documents, integral email communications and legal documentation. Losing their business data posed an underlined risk to their organization and to their patients.

Not only was data backup proving problematic but the process of migrating data to new or upgraded hardware was hindered by the inability to automate, or speed up, the process – or perform unattended data restores.

Cibecs proved the answer to these frustrations by offering a cost-effective and multi-functional user data backup and recovery solution.

Founded in 1992 by Dr Peter “KOP” Matseke, the Clinix Health Group has established itself as one of the leaders in empowered health care. Clinix hospitals provide quality private health care to previously disadvantaged communities and are the gateway for private health care in underprivileged areas.

No user intervention or interruption

Clinix needed a data backup solution that ensured no user interruption and found that Cibecs operated silently in the background without affecting productivity or incurring frustrations by asking for user involvement in the process. As Cathy explains: “Our users just weren’t backing up the right data. Everyone’s guilty of it. But with Cibecs we don’t have to rely on our users anymore.”

  • Central control means that the administrator decides what data to backup and can schedule backups to ensure optimum efficiency.

User-friendly interface & intuitive reporting

For any organization the ability to quickly recover data is imperative. . . Even more so in the medical field.

“Whether it’s restoring a whole operating system or recovering a single corrupt file, Cibecs makes it easy,” says Cathy. “If a user’s laptop or desktop has a virus or a hard drive crash we can sort it out in minutes with Cibecs.”

  • Cibecs is simple to use. Its functionality makes it easy for IT to respond quickly and efficiently to any areas of risk – and prove the company’s business continuity planning.

“Cibecs’ user-friendly interface makes it simple to monitor organizational backups and get a snapshot view of our company’s data protection status,” says, Zeeshan, a hardware technician at Clinix. “Cibecs intuitive reporting allows for exception reports based on user activity. You can see who’s data has been backed up, how protected your users’ data is and pull management reports to prove legal compliance and adherence to good corporate governance, amongst other things.”

Faster, simplified, data migration

“Clinix’ data is now backed up reliably and efficiently, while data migration to new hardware have become quick and hassle-free,” says Cathy regarding the operational benefits of Cibecs in their organization. “Faster data migration means less technical resource is required to perform the task and users experience significantly less downtime, a win-win situation for us.”

  • Cibecs ensures simplified data recovery, which makes hardware migration faster and allows for unattended data restores.

“Cibecs has been hugely valuable to Clinix,” says Cathy.  “The value in having Cibecs enterprise PC data backup and recovery solution means time and money saved for Clinix and a more efficient way of managing user data backup, recovery and migration.”

Clinix has seen great value in Cibecs –not just in backing up data in operational efficiency- making data backup and hardware migration faster, simpler and more efficient.

About Cibecs Enterprise PC Backup

Cibecs allows IT to centrally manage all aspects of user data, enabling a company to enforce its data backup policy without users having to be involved at any stage.  Using Cibecs IT is able to:

  • eliminate risks and costs associated with user data loss
  • reduce cost and user downtime when migrating data to new or upgraded PCs
  • eradicate wasteful use of resources needed to recreate lost data
  • decrease infrastructure cost in terms of bandwidth and storage usage
  • deliver a substantially better service to laptop and desktop users

Cibecs is the simplest way to backup and recover user data residing on company laptops and desktops, and delivers a wide range of operational benefits to companies (and their users) alike.