Near CDP backups of your data at the edge

Having reliable, near CDP backups of critical endpoint data with snapshots for point in time recovery is one of the most vital IT responsibilities.

Your business files, personal information, financial reports and confidential data are scattered across different devices and storage infrastructure, and stored in non-standard locations. 

Collaborative SaaS solutions like Microsoft Office 365 leave critical gaps in backup and data protection, making Endpoint Cloud the ideal Office 365 companion.

Setup & implement in minutes

It takes minutes to setup & customize your policies and start backing up your users. Endpoint Cloud is built for optimal ease of use.

Once you’ve deployed the lightweight Discovery agent and have your Inventory of your environment, customizing your policies and selecting which users to backup is a quick and seamless centrally managed process for IT. 

Granular policy control

IT has complete control over backing up business files, regardless of where users have stored data, and where those user devices are located. 

Customize backup policies per branch, user or department. Select data for backup by file types or location like ‘Desktop’ and ‘My Documents’, making it much easier to ensure all the right files are backed up.

Lower TCO with best-in-class deduplication

Global source based deduplication results in massive TCO savings, lightning-fast data transfers and minimal user, CPU and network impact.

Endpoint Cloud uses convergent encryption for data at rest without compromising de-duplication across users.

You get high-performance backups that are secure and completely non-disruptive, which results in tangible bandwidth and storage savings.

The most secure backups & data storage

Endpoint Cloud uses patent-pending zero knowledge encryption key management to ensure that encryption keys are never exchanged with the storage system at any point in time.

Convergent AES 256-bit encryption is used for data at rest, giving you the highest levels of security for your confidential data.

Reliable, fast data recovery & restores

Endpoint Cloud gives you the most reliable data recovery & restores.

  • Self-service recovery means that users can simply recover files or find a deleted document without IT.
  • Snapshots allow for point in time recovery. Accessing data from your archive is simple and fast, as independent snapshots mean that files from any point in time can be accessed instantly.
Close the gaps in Office 365

Endpoint cloud is the perfect Office 365 companion. Companies with workloads in the cloud need to address the inherent risks of collaborative SaaS environments including:

  • Human error makes it easy to lose files during collaboration.
  • Data on devices is not encrypted, and there are limited DLP features.
  • Your data is still vulnerable to Ransomware and Malware attacks.
  • Auditors expect more secure data protection in place for Compliance and Data Protection Laws.
Optimized Outlook Backup

Backup user Microsoft Outlook Archive (PST) Files regardless of where they are stored. Endpoint Cloud is optimized for fast, high-performance PST backup with best-in-class dedupe. 

Cibecs Endpoint Backup Features

Simplified enterprise endpoint backup & recovery
  • Centrally managed in the Cloud
  • Near-CDP
  • On-premise to Azure Cloud Vaults
  • Activity based performance throttling
  • 256 AES encryption
  • Wizard driven restores
  • Optimized for Microsoft Outlook
  • Secure transfer using 128bit SSL
  • Snapshots
  • Open File Support through Microsoft VSS integration
Simplified hardware and OS migration
  • Shortcut support
  • Unattended restores
  • Profile Settings restore
Centrally Managed
  • Centrally managed data backup policies
  • Advanced data selection
  • Support for automated enterprise deployment
  • Active Directory support
Reduce Enterprise Bandwidth and Storage requirements
  • Source based deduplication
  • Advanced data selection excludes non-critical business data
Technical & Business Reporting
  • Management dashboard
  • Simplified monitoring through Data Protection Rating metric

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