Cibecs is a complete solution for simple and secure business endpoint data protection.

Built for Endpoint Backup and Recovery

With Cibecs, IT can centrally manage and monitor user laptop & desktop backups and effectively implement data protection policies with no disruption to the end user. Backups are automated and secure, and invisible to your users.

Cibecs is built from the ground up for endpoint backup to protect business data independent of where users store it. This ensures adoption across the organization as users can continue working in the way they are used to with no impact to the user.

Data Loss Prevention and Endpoint Data Security

Cibecs offers powerful Data Loss Prevention & Data Security protecting your business data from unauthorised access and giving you peace of mind if a device is lost or stolen.

Encryption ensures that data is protected from unauthorised access while Remote Wipe gives IT the ability to delete the data on a lost or stolen machine, increasing your data security & ensuring Corporate Governance Compliance.

7 Must Haves of Endpoint Data Protection

"Cibecs has become invaluable in protecting our corporate and customer data."
Kevin Gair

IT Project Manager at Europcar

Business Ransomware Protection

Defend your company data and never pay the Ransom. With Cibecs, IT can completely prevent company Ransomware attacks. Simply format any infected user machines and quickly and easily restore the user’s files. The best protection against Ransomware is having reliable and secure endpoint backup.
Learn more about how Cibecs protects your company against Ransomware

Fast Device Refresh & Data Migration

Cibecs enables simpler, faster, and less resource-intensive Data Migration & hardware refresh projects.

IT can recover a single file, or migrate all user data to a new machine or Operating System easily, automatically & securely on both Windows and Mac. Reduce data loss risks, prevent lengthy user downtime and minimize impact on infrastructure.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Cibecs data protection is built to ensure compliance to Corporate Governance & Data Protection Laws and Regulations. Cibecs gives your enterprise total control over endpoint data, and provides IT with intuitive reporting, complete data audit trails and advanced data insights.

Easy to Deploy, Implement and Manage

Cibecs is easy to deploy, implement and manage across thousands of users. Powerful integrated remote deployment together with Active Directory integration allows seamless deployment to thousands of users.

Cibecs is built to simplify endpoint data protection by allowing complete central management and monitoring, with extensive control over policies and all data protection functionality as well as simple dashboard reporting and flexible customisable reports.

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Centralized dashboard makes data protection and monitoring simple.

Centrally create backup and protection policies by selecting which data, file types and locations you want to protect.

Deploy Cibecs remotely throughout your organisation, regardless of size, in minutes.

Wizard driven recovery makes restoring lost data easy, whether you restore a full data set or a specific version of a file.

Activate DLP througout your organisation with one click of the button. DLP includes: local data encryption, revoke access, data theft prevention, remote wipe and geo-locate.

Consolidated reporting shows how much of your organisation is protected at any given point in time, making it simple to identify weak points and resolve those issues.

Discover how easy endpoint data protection can be