Our partners use Cibecs to deliver a better service, differentiate themselves and present their customers with a practical solution to their backup protection and security needs across all devices.

Global Partners

Cibecs has over 300 partners globally

Cibecs Partners
Cibecs Partners
Cibecs Partners
Cibecs Partners

To join the Cibecs Partner Network, choose one of the partner programs below.

Channel Partner Program

Resellers & Affiliates

Increase your strategic visibility with existing customers with the Cibecs Partner Program. Differentiate yourself from your competition by offering a complete data solution. Establish a recurring revenue stream. Spearhead additional sales of server hardware and storage. Open up new sales channels with the opportunity to discuss hardware strategy on an executive level within your customer base.

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Managed Services Partners

Allow your organization to build a SaaS (Software as a Service) business. Reduce downtime when replacing or migrating computers. Decrease your own and your customer’s costs when replacing hardware. Deliver significant added value in allied spaces within the organization such as the increased requirement for storage.. Protect company reputation and prove legal compliance. Minimise data loss and recovery time. Central management of your clients’ environment

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OEM Partners Hardware & Software

With efficient back up, future storage requirements become more predictable allowing for forward planning. Differentiate your offering in the market e.g. storage, server, desktop or notebook or software offerings. Add functionality and generate recurring revenue. Deliver significant added value in allied spaces within the organization such as the increased requirement for storage

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Cibecs Partner Program Benefits

Unmatchable Complete Solution
  • Offer customers peace-of-mind data management with a specialized laptop & desktop solution.
  • Individualize yourself from your competitors by presenting an advanced service offering.
  • Up sell storage and hardware with added value.
  • Demonstrate thought leadership and unique market positioning.
Differentiate Your Offering
  • Provide service offerings not supported by other products. One, complete easy to manage solution.
Reduce Costs
  • Reduce costs during hardware replacement or refresh cycle.
  • Prevent costs associated with data loss. Lower bandwidth and storage requirements. Receive special volume discounts.
Recurring Income
  • Earn recurring revenue
  • Initiate additional sales of server hardware and storage
  • Build a consistent revenue stream with long-term contracts

Join the Cibecs Partner Program

Provide your clients with superior and complete endpoint backup, data protection and security

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