Cibecs simplifies data migration & device refresh projects, reduces overhead costs and saves time for IT.

Enable best practice migration projects, remotely migrate user data & profile settings in minutes.

Manage data migration remotely from your Endpoint Cloud. Our built-in migration feature allows you to simply select the old & new device, and migrate all the user’s files to the new machine or OS. 

Remotely trigger and monitor device migration

Migrations can be centrally triggered from the Cloud and the migration status and progress can be monitored. 

Full device-to-device migration

Device-to-device migration reduces the requirement for additional storage and migrates all files (including business and personal). The migration is encrypted as well as compressed to optimize the process and reduce impact.


Migrate All Files & Profile Settings

All business and personal files for the user will be identified and seamlessly migrated to the new device. The user’s computer profile including system and application settings are included in the migration. 

Restore Migration

If the previous device is lost or stolen and the user needs to be migrated to a new device, a restore of all backed up data as well as the profile settings can be done to the new device.

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