Simplified Compliance for your business

Central implementation of organisational corporate governance policies through central configuration. Central management and enforcement of policies through the Cibecs control centre. Demonstrable corporate governance & legal compliance through centralised business reporting.

Centrally Set & Deploy Policies

With complete central control over backup policies, encryption, geo-location, collaboration companion, data theft prevention, remote wipe features & intuitive business and technical reporting, Cibecs ensures compliance to corporate governance and data protection regulations.

Keeps Data Confidential

Cibecs enables businesses to provide access to investigative or compliance teams without compromising confidentiality of information and without end-user involvement. Not only does this streamline the audit process it also mitigates the risk of losing data through industrial espionage and provides discretion during sensitive investigations.


Legal & Audit Compliance

Cibecs mitigates the risk of personal liability of executives and directors who have a fiduciary duty towards the organisation to protect access to confidential information as well as critical organisational data.

Concerns over fines and incarceration over non-compliance are a thing of the past.

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Corporate governance compliance ensure your business is protected from legal risk.

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