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“Our user data has increased 12 times over the last three years,” says Nikesh Maharaj, Network and  Infrastructure Specialist at the Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority (TCTA). “In order to successfully manage such a dramatic increase in data (and the additional future increases expected), TCTA makes use of Cibecs’ data backup and recovery software.”

Before the introduction of Cibecs at TCTA, this stateowned entity made use of script-based-backup. “It was an overly complicated, labour intensive and unreliable method of managing user data,” says Maharaj. “Data recovery was slow, weighing heavily on IT resources whilst also offering little by way of management reporting in order to prove our business continuity preparedness.”

By introducing Cibecs towards the end of 2008, TCTA was able to cut data recovery time by several hours per incident – often representing a real time and support cost saving of between 500 and 1000%. “It’s not just the post-installation cost saving that has impressed us,” says Maharaj. “The actual rollout  of Cibecs was quick and simple – with guidance provided by Cibecs’ on-site IT support.”

Nikesh further states that users have largely been oblivious to the Cibecs agent running on their PCs. He goes on to list some of the Cibecs features he most favours:

  • SIMPLICITY: (data restores are quick and easy to do)
  • BANDWIDTH AND STORAGE USE: Cibecs optimises use, which aids IT in meeting its budgetary obligations while delivering improved network uptime.
  • DATA SECURITY: Cibecs’ data encryption safeguards data, while central reporting indicates exactly who did what, when and why.
  • CENTRAL CONTROL: Allows IT to enforce TCTAs data backup policy. PSTs: “With Cibecs we have all PSTs safe and easily accessible when we need to dig up old email – something we’ve had to do on several occasions,” says Maharaj. “In short Cibecs has helped us dramatically reduce IT support (both in real cost and time needed) to endpoint users, while delivering an effective and simple way to manage our rapidly increasing user data footprint. Its added benefits, such as aiding us in proving regulatory compliance in terms of data security and overall business continuity preparedness, make Cibecs an indispensible asset to TCTA.”



  • Massive increase in data
  • Strain on IT resources
  •  Time to recover data


  • IT Resource saving
  • Faster data recovery
  • Better data management