One cloud platform for all your data & devices,
combining best-in-class data protection with smart management features.

Discovery & Inventory

Reporting on your entire endpoint network with a detailed Hardware & Software Inventory.

Endpoint Backup

High-performance, near CDP backups on-prem, according to your centrally set policies.


Multi-layered Data Protection with encryption, remote wipe, remote revoke & geo-locate.

Remote Migration

Remotely migrate user data & profile settings to a new machine or OS in minutes.


Ensure Governance & Compliance to global Information Security standards such as GDPR, PoPI and ISO 27001.

Drive a Forward-Thinking IT Team

  • Central Visibility and Cloud Management

    • Access, manage, protect & migrate your distributed endpoint environment from anywhere.
    • Always have an automated up-to-date hardware & software inventory.
    • Asset Evaluation, Risk Analysis & Storage Planning are accurate, easy & done remotely.
  • Multi-layered Data Protection and DLP

    • Automated backups according to centrally set policies.
    • The most advanced DLP features including remote wipe & geo-locate.
    • True zero knowledge encryption key management.
    • All business data is protected according to Compliance regulations.
  • Meet IT Strategy & Achieve Compliance

    • Fulfil your data protection mandate with best practice backup & data protection.
    • Instantly implement the most secure Data Loss Prevention & encryption on all your endpoint devices.
    • Tick off critical IT Compliance requirements with a single solution.
  • Intelligent Technology for Unmatched Ease of Use

    • After deploying the lightweight discovery agent, almost-instantly activate backups and DLP across select endpoints.
    • One cloud management platform that unifies all your endpoint data management & protection.

Leading global companies choose Endpoint Cloud

From small businesses to large enterprises, find breakthrough efficiency & savings.

Reliable Endpoint Backups & Archival

Always have a backup of your critical data with snapshots for point in time recovery. The ideal Office 365 companion for airtight backups, retention, archival & protection. Never lose a file. Never pay the ransom.

Stacked Data Security for Compliant Protection

Local disk encryption, convergent AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest, true Zero-Knowledge key management and complete Data Loss Prevention features.

Centralized Management

Your single access point for managing and protecting all your endpoint devices and data. Access anywhere. Scale globally.

5 Key Pillars to an Effective Data Protection Strategy

A comprehensive IT Manager’s guide to protecting the distributed data across your endpoints.

“Cibecs is a must for all businesses.”
Andrea Bohmert

Director and Co-Managing Partner, Hasso Plattner Ventures Africa

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