Cibecs aces Microsoft Competency Evaluation

Business Connexion recently put Cibecs’ endpoint data backup and recovery solution through its paces, with all respondents finding it easy to use, fast, reliable and especially effective when traveling.

Business Connexion performed the evaluation on the back of new research that puts the number of users who do not backup their business critical data at 80%, adding further weight to Gartner’s assertion that endpoint user data protection is one of the biggest problems CIOs face today.

What the test group found

Cibecs operates unnoticed in the background while users work – with daily automated backups and Cibecs’ unique data compression and encryption featuring strongly, and positively, in the Business Connexion test group’s overall analysis.

Using Cibecs over 3G to perform data backups and restores while traveling scored high marks with test reviewers like John Hilton, who remarked how easy it was to perform backups and restores. Senior Project Administrator, Kerry Thomas, also gave Cibecs two thumbs up, stating that backups ran smoothly and unnoticed. “I didn’t even realize the backups were running,” says Thomas. “Until I had to restore a corrupt file, of course.”

Furthermore, Business Connexion test panel member and Microsoft Product Trainer, Hannie Bothma, expressed satisfaction that no problems were experienced during backup sessions, with both backups and restores easily and successfully completed.

Easier, faster, IT Support

A major feature of Cibecs’ enterprise PC backup solution is the promise of a much lightened workload for companies IT departments. This feature was echoed by the findings of Business Connexion’s test panel, who agreed that Cibecs was easy to use without placing much overhead on IT administrators.

Based on the positive endorsement from the test group, Cibecs’ claim to be the most convenient way to backup and recover data on all laptops and desktops for businesses, is well deserved.

Key requirements fulfilled

“Cibecs is a fantastic PC backup solution,” says Craig Littleford, Microsoft Competency Sales Executive, Business Connexion. “Our Microsoft Competency Evaluation of the company’s backup and recovery product revealed that it fulfilled all our key requirements, which are:

  • Centrally managed PC backups are easily realised through integration with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Monitoring of backup jobs across the enterprise is simple enough for IT administrators to perform.
  • The product offers our customers a user friendly client side interface.
  • The high compression ratio used to perform over the network backups and restores is especially relevant to 3G or broadband connected mobile users.

“Business Connexion implements comprehensive (yet sensible) information backup solutions for our customer’s data centers, “ says Littleford. “Using Cibecs laptop and desktop data backup and recovery solution, we are able to offer the same for our customer’s PC-based data too.”

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