How Cibecs will reduce data migration risks and decrease costs & required resources during hardware refresh projects

Locating User Data Stored in Non-Standard Locations – Data backup policies & why they don’t work

Most companies employ a data backup policy expecting users to backup their business data to the server. Users don’t follow policy. They forget, think it will take up too much time or don’t want to jeopardize the confidentiality of their business documents.

When the time comes for an enterprise PC refresh, IT has to spend time & utilise resources locating the appropriate data required for migration on the user’s machines. Often this data has been stored in non-standard locations on user machines.

Corporate PC Replacement Best Practices – The Ultimate Guide

With Cibecs, data backup policies can be centrally set and locked – ensuring business data is secure.


  • Complete control over business data
  • Corporate Governance compliance
  • IT saves time
  • User adoption is ensured

Backing up user data before enterprise PC refresh & data migration – Automate & centrally manage backups

Over 70% of business critical data sits on user laptops and desktops- Cibecs ensures that this data is automatically and centrally managed.

Cibecs allows for central control over all data backups and data backup policies. Data backups are automated and happen opportunistically, ensuring that user data is secure and data integrity is maintained.

All backups are encrypted using 448-Bit Blowfish encryption, ensuring no unauthorised access to business data and that data migration during a PC refresh does not jeopardize the integrity of enterprise data.

Compliance and best practice are vital considerations in PC refresh projects as enterprise data is migrated from one system to another.

Cibecs data backups are fast and efficient through patch technology and NTFS change journal support.

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  • The PC refresh can happen faster, IT saves time
  • Business data is securely backed up
  • Reduced costs and increased operational efficiency

Migrating user data to the new PC – How to reduce costs

Cibecs takes the guesswork out of finding and backing up business data by allowing you to centrally set and enforce data backup policies.

Cibecs also ensures that user’s personal data, resulting in wasted storage space and slower hardware, can be excluded from the migration. This reduces enterprise storage requirements, reduces backup time and saves on bandwidth costs.

Cibecs also compresses the user data and will reduce daily backed up data size by up to 99%.

Bandwidth throttling ensures minimal impact on the network during backups, an integral consideration during data migration when network impact can interrupt user productivity and compromise infrastructure efficiency.


  • PC refresh costs are reduced through lower bandwidth & storage requirements during data migration
  • Low impact on network
  • Optimised infrastructure

Restoring user data to the new location– Reduce downtime & Simplify OS migration

Not only is Cibecs the simplest way to backup and protect user data, data restores are faster and easier, saving IT time and reducing the required IT resources.

Cibecs offers quick, wizard-driven data restores, speeding up the process of restoring data on new machines during hardware refresh projects.

Migrating data to a new Operating System can be a complicated and time consuming task for IT during PC refresh projects. Cibecs offers shortcut support and ensures that user data is migrated to the original location. This means that when the user receives their new hardware they can resume work immediately and will be able to find their data in the location it was originally stored on their old PC. Cibecs overcomes these operating system and hardware incompatibilities.

This means that user downtime is reduced, IT saves time and the process is automated and simple.


  • Data restore during PC refresh is simple and reliable – users and IT save time
  • OS migrations are easier and less resource-intensive
  • Costs are reduced
  • Business data is secure
  • Process is compliant with regulations and risk is effectively managed

Intuitive reporting – Ensuring the business data is secure

Once the PC refresh project is complete, IT needs to regulate and manage the business data backups, reporting to management on the success of the project and the integrity of the migrated data.

Cibecs allows for technical and business reporting through an intuitive and easy to understand structure. These reports will be received automatically by email, again ensuring corporate governance compliance and allowing the enterprise to monitor the safety of their critical data.

This further increases the simplicity of PC refreshes and data migration by enforcing an automated reporting structure and providing an audit trail of the data migration process.

Reporting includes multiple branches or locations and allows IT to centrally monitor enterprise data security.


  • Corporate governance compliance and easily accessible company data management records for audits.
  • IT is constantly aware of the level of data integrity, can anticipate any potential data loss threats and prevent data loss completely.

Cibecs greatly simplifies enterprise PC refresh projects and the required data migration.

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