Increase your Data Security and Protection Rating by up to 40%

Your data protection rating is a reflection of how well protected your business data is based on the security, integrity and reliability of your data backups.

The latest version release of Cibecs’ data backup and recovery software makes it simpler than ever to run and monitor business backups and restores. Cibecs 4.0 – enhances simplicity and speed of execution, improves data protection.

Leaders in enterprise PC backup in South Africa, Cibecs, have said that version 4.0 “offers customers strengthened central control, improved functionality and sharpened reporting tools, resulting in faster and more streamlined data protection and recovery processes.”

Added Benefits You Can Expect From Cibecs 4.0

Opportunistic Backups Increase Data Protection Rating

“We have introduced Opportunistic Backups to decrease the risk of data loss, especially in environments with mobile users,” says Cibecs Development and Technology Director, Neal Dewing. Opportunistic backups increase business Data Protection Rating by taking a strategic approach to User data backups. “The Cibecs Agent attempts to perform a user’s daily backup every 10 minutes until at least one backup is successful,” Dewing explained. If there is no available connection to the server, the backup will automatically be rescheduled. This feature greatly increases the percentage of frequent User data backups.

Improved Support for PC replacement and migration

Cibecs 4.0 also offers improved support for PC replacement and migration. It’s now much easier to restore when migrating to a different operating system or replacing hardware. Dewing says that “support has been added for restoring shortcuts (such as My Documents, Desktop etc) to the new location when migrating to different operating systems, for example from Windows XP to Windows 7.”

Simplified and Intuitive Data Backup Monitoring

Cibecs now includes the ability to deliver daily or weekly email reports providing both a business and technical update on the effectiveness of Cibecs. This provides a streamlined reporting process and significantly simplifies data and network monitoring. “These reports include some of the new simplified metrics on the Control Center Dashboard such as the organization’s Protection Rating.

We had requests for this kind of intuitive and automated reporting from customers. One of our largest considerations in the development of Cibecs 4.0 was customer feedback. We reviewed customer comments and utilised them in the refinement of existing features and in deciding what additional features would provide the most business value,” Dewing explained.

Other Notable Cibecs 4.0 Release Features

  • Dynamic backup throttling, ensuring minimal impact on the User’s computer.
  • Daily backups have been optimized to be up to 30% faster
  • New restore search allows users to find deleted files across all backups as well as see all versions of backed up files.
  • Improved data security

Dewing says “Cibecs is taking huge steps forward with each of our new releases. We’ve seen major advancements in our data backup and recovery software and we’re confident that Cibecs 4.0 will provide our customers with a leading enterprise PC backup and recovery solution.”

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