In their latest report on endpoint user data backup (ID #: G00211731), Gartner highlights the issue of endpoint user data security as one of the major problems faced by IT today.

One of the key problems being that IT tends to look at user data protection in the traditional sense, meaning from the centre out, instead of from the edge, inward – with the main areas of risk and exposure residing on endpoint user devices such as laptops and desktops.

Issues with this mindset

Corporate data loss grows exponentially each year, which means that data at the edge of the network has never been more exposed. Loss is happening at a higher rate with data intake doubling every 18 months.
The fact of the matter is that today’s legacy (mostly server-focused) solutions struggle to provide an answer to the problem of endpoint data protection because vendors simply attempt to adapt antiquated technology, instead of building the correct solution from the ground up.

Endpoint Security Defined: The case for endpoint data protection

Endpoint data security focuses on solutions for user data residing on endpoint devices such as laptop and desktop computers, while central control over the software solution is retained.

Recognizing that organizations cannot rely on end-users to consistently follow IT policy or diligently apply security software, endpoint security seeks to completely eliminate the requirement for end-user involvement.

The reduction of operational costs, improved user satisfaction, dramatically improved IT service delivery and achievement of corporate governance objectives are the main benefits of implementing “from the ground up” data backup and recovery solutions for user data residing on endpoint devices.

Snapshot benefit summary of such endpoint-focused solutions

Effective management of user data gives IT complete control over business critical data, whilst delivering several key benefits, such as:

• Quick & cost effective migration of data during Windows OS upgrade or hardware refresh
• Unobtrusive, invisible, backup without affecting user productivity
• Maximized up time for users, which means increased productivity and greater efficiency
• Maximized use of existing IT infrastructure (bandwidth and storage)
• Elimination of data loss, including costs directly associated with its retrieval
• Elimination of wasted resource required to recreate lost data
• Frees up valuable IT resource to focus on core company objectives
• Allows for simple and effective compliance with legislation and corporate governance
• Allows IT to deliver a faster and more efficient service to laptop and desktop users

The protection, backup, archival and recoverability of user data is a key risk within businesses and enterprises.
The increased requirement on organizations to comply with corporate governance regulations such as King III and the liability of directors with regards to this compliance further increases the requirement to urgently address the issue of user data residing on endpoint devises such as laptops and desktops.

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Cibecs is an automated data backup and recovery solution, specifically developed for endpoint devices, that offers tangible operational benefits over and above the “insurance” benefit of quick and easy data recovery.

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