IT Support Costs Case Study: IDC Lets us know we can cut down on IT support costs

When it comes to cutting support costs and, especially, IT resource spend – a measured, surgical approach that seeks to maximize output and streamline data management processes is what is required.

Data process efficiency is key in reducing support costs and, what’s more, when the tide turns it will be the company that effectively implemented solutions to simplify data protection and data management that will be best positioned to expand, as leaner and meaner systems (cultivated in these times) are able to support exponential growth.

IDC points out three key areas where you can cut on IT Support Costs
In these recessionary times, the IDC believes that Enterprise IT organizations need to investigate several aspects of their operations that represent areas of immediate possible cost saving. The three areas are:

1. IT Utilization
2. End-user support
3. Maintenance and support budget

For our purposes, we look at how desktop and notebook user data back up and recovery is affected by these areas – and – how implementing a centrally managed back up solution contributes to maximizing existing IT resource, saves additional IT support costs spend and keeps your business-critical data safe.

Take control. Better IT support cost management.

Ineffective data protection and the lack of a solution that streamlines data management can severely increase support cost spend as well as presenting multiple other risks. Lost data could severely cripple your business. Implementing an effective data back up solution that takes the user out of the equation is of great assistance to your IT department and will help you reduce overhead costs related to your IT department:

The quick 5 (key support cost reduction benefits) are:

1. Free up your best personnel to focus on your core business: (and their core duties) while data back up on all company desktops and notebooks happens automatically. Cibecs allows IT to centrally control and customise back up policies which are then implemented automatically and in the background. This not only reduces interrupted productivity of your general workforce, it greatly lowers IT support spend.

2. Maximize uptime for your network systems: greatly assisting in eliminating the overwhelming burden of everyday administration from your IT staff. By ensuring that lost data is never an issue with a back up solution – you take away the risks and costs of a data loss disaster. Cibecs further ensures minimum impact on the network and allows your workforce to work without interruption or impact on their machines.

3. Prove legal compliance: The centralization of control over what data, from which users should be backed up, allows for clear, measurable and appropriate reports to prove legal and backup procedure compliance. Cibecs will give you audit reports of all your data migration and recovery activities.

4. Maximize your current storage infrastructure and minimize IT spend: Encryption, delta level patching and compression features not only secure your data, but also takes strain off your company’s existing network and storage, which means you do not have to invest heavily in new hardware and get a higher Return on Investment on your existing infrastructure. Cibecs lowers business bandwidth and storage spend by up to 99%.

5. Eliminate costly surprises when recovering or transferring data: Also greatly reduces time and costs associated with replacement of computer hardware.

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By implementing an automated, centrally managed, enterprise tool to backup and streamline the recovery of user data you will achieve operational benefit and maximize your return on investment on your staff, as well as infrastructure. With Cibecs you can hugely reduce IT support requirements and support costs, making data management and data operations vastly simpler and more automated.

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Who can help?

Business users across the globe trust Cibecs with their business critical data. Corporate clients include Ingram Micro, UTi, JD Group, Unisys, Dimension Data, Fedics, UCS Software, University of Witwatersrand and ABSA Bank – to name but a few.

Hasso Plattner Ventures Africa also recently acquired a stake in Cibecs as part of their investment in leading South African technology companies. “At Hasso Plattner Ventures we look for companies that provide cutting edge solution to a real and growing market need,” says Andrea Böhmert, Director and Co-Managing Partner. “Cibecs’ solution is great for users, great for IT departments and should be a must have for any business.”

Cibecs has been approved by IBM as a partner and a member of the Tivoli Endpoint Manager platform.

So, what does it mean to you?

Offering fast recovery, world class security and extensive central control over your users’ backups, Cibecs is the easiest and most convenient way to backup and recover data on all desktops and notebooks in your business

Combined with highly competitive pricing, maximized IT resource and various operational benefits, geared to assist with the creation of efficient and streamlined systems – Cibecs is the smart choice for forward thinking businesses and enterprises.

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