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Outlook Email Backup with Cibecs

Cibecs software is built to address business data backup requirements and provides IT with an effective tool for protecting Outlook email from loss and backing up large PSTs. Cibecs is optimised for easy Outlook email backup and PST backup, and makes recovering all emails and PSTs and an entire Outlook profile to a new machine simple. 

How Cibecs simplifies Outlook Email Backup and Recovery

Never lose an email with Cibecs backup software.

Cibecs has Microsoft Outlook integration and backs up all Outlook and PST files according to the centrally set policy, including files in use. Cibecs integrates with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS), an industry standard technology, allowing for open files to be backed up, including any open Microsoft Outlook files. This means that all emails, including those that are currently open on the user machine, are protected and available for recovery. Global Include / Excludes can be easily configured on a per policy basis.

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This can again be managed centrally making it easy for IT to protect all user’s emails by centrally including all emails and Outlook profiles in daily backups. Cibecs also supports offline Outlook email backup making sure that all Outlook Email data is safely backed up, allowing the agent to perform backups locally when no connection is available to the server. The User Agent will send all previous backups to the server on the next successful connection to the backup server providing full file version control of backups performed while offline.

Cibecs data protection software is optimized to equip IT with a powerful and simple Outlook email backup and PST backup tool.

Outlook Email Backup/ PST File Backup with Cibecs

Most businesses have Microsoft Exchange implemented but have mailbox quotas resulting in corporate email on laptops and desktops stored as Microsoft Outlook Archive PST files. PST files are a major challenge for most backup software applications. This is because PST files are usually large in size and users often have multiple of these files which can cause storage and bandwidth issues and higher overhead IT costs.

  • It typically takes a long time to backup business psts with high impact on laptops and desktops and the network during the data backup.
  • PST files are typically large files that change daily – this has huge impact on bandwidth and storage.
  • PST files might be stored in non-standard locations on user desktops and laptops making PSTs difficult for IT to locate and include for backup.
  • User PSTs can be easily lost through a virus or accidental deletion.
  • Other backup software solutions don’t always backup Outlook Profiles meaning a large amount of important data is lost such as contacts, signatures etc.

Automatically backup PST Files

Cibecs includes a number of features that ensure that PST files are automatically backed up and protected. Even if open or password protected.

  • Microsoft Outlook integration optimizes the of multiple archive PST files resulting in fast and efficient backups.
  • Patch Backup technology and compression reducing the daily backup size by up to 99%.
  • Open File support through integration with Microsoft VSS allowsPST files to be backed up while Microsoft Outlook is open.
  • Shortcuts to auto detect location of PST files.
  • The ability to recover previous versions of a PST file.

Cibecs Email Reporting: Track any potential data loss risks, secure Outlook Email protection

Benefits of Cibecs Outlook Email Backup and PST Backup

Cibecs ensures that you automatically backup business pst files and your enterprise can backup psts while open– alleviating management risk and ensuring corporate governance compliance. So Outlook email backup, Outlook profile backup and PST backup are easily automated in the central console.

  • Centrally managed, automatic backup of critical business emails and PSTs
  • Simplified compliance and business audits with Cibecs reporting and audit reports
  • Significantly reduced company risk as Emails are always secure and protected
  • IT saves time during restores as they can easily include Outlook profiles and PSTs for migration or restore

Cibecs software is built to provide IT with simple central management and control over business data protection. Cibecs data protection software is being used in large enterprises including KPMG, UNISYS, Barloworld, Ingram Micro and BHP Billiton and has further been approved by IBM as a partner on its Tivoli Endpoint Manager platform. The partnership will see Cibecs being made available to IBM’s international client database, and stands testament to the proven performance and industry-leading quality of the Cibecs solution. With Cibecs Business Backup Software, Outlook Email Backup and PST Backup is simplified and secure. 

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