So here’s the problem.

Your company has a data backup policy that requires users to backup their business critical data to the company’s servers. . . but people are more likely to follow Oprah’s “best buy” advice than give much of a damn for backing up their business data.

There are various reasons for this, of course:

  • Users forget to backup
  • They don’t know how to
  • They think it will take too long or negatively affect the performance of their PCs and, of course,
  • Some users do not want to save sensitive information on a company server where it could be exposed to unauthorized access.

Sound familiar? You need an automated data backup software solution.

What happens then is that fire, theft, hardware failures, user negligence and / or suspected alien abduction relieves users of their laptops or desktops and, with it, all the data that the user (and the company) actually needs to maintain business continuity.

With bewildered eyes and cotton ball mouths they then knock on IT’s door in a flat panic. “My proposal!”, “Our client information!”, “The marketing plan!”… “My email!”

Funny how nobody then cares much for the music, photos, movie clips and other useless gigabytes of nonsense actually residing on the servers – where their data could have, should have, would have been had there been an automated backup and recovery solution in place, allowing companies to:

1. Get lost data back swiftly and quietly, with as little fuss as possible.


Not being able to do so leads to:

  1. Lost deals, opportunities, competitive advantage and customers.
  2. Increased cost as data needs to be recreated (time and resource)
  3. The company and individuals being placed under unnecessary pressure – amongst other things.


Being able to always get lost data back leads to:

  • Minimal disruption to business continuity.
  • Elimination of financial losses associated with data loss
  • Elimination of stress, time and human resource required to recreate the data
  • Elimination of potential internal or external damage to the company’s reputation.

2. Make data migration from old to new PCs quick, easy and cost effective.


Not being able to do so leads to:

  1. Delays in projects, both for the user and for the IT department
  2. Increased cost of doing business, with some banks reporting cost in excess of R2, 000 for the migration of data, per user.
  3. Loss of data. Because users store information in various places on their PCs you often find data goes missing when transferred to new machines.


Being able to migrate data to new PCs quickly and easily leads to:

  • No resources wasted trying to find missing files.
  • Much faster and simpler hardware refresh projects
  • Time saving for users and IT.
  • Minimal disruption to business continuity

And that’s just scratching the surface of the operational implications of having and automated, centrally managed, data backup and recovery solution – such as Cibecs.

More about that next time though.

Today you have the luxury of an end-point user data backup solution like Cibecs, leaving you free to bask in the knowledge that IT no longer has to carry the can for user neglect. Users don’t have to lift a finger to make sure all their data is protected and, thanks to encryption technology, there is no fear of accidental or intentional data breaches.

So I ask you…

What’s the problem again? If you have an automated and centrally managed user data backup solution- problem is solved.


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