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Data Protection & Corporate Governance Compliance Checklist for Business IT

Compliance & Legalities around Data Protection for Businesses: A Corporate Governance Compliance checklist

Corporate Governance Compliance and the requirements around Data Protection have become increasingly important to businesses globally due to the consequences of being non-compliant, as well as the often devastating results of data loss, data theft or unauthorized access to confidential files.

Often data protection and effective data management is interpreted as an insurance policy, however, as enterprises become aware of the multiple productivity and cost-savings benefits of employing an effective data protection solution- this perception is shifting.

Data loss in organizations is also becoming an increasingly prevalent problem, with over 50% of companies losing data in 2011, and the growing percentage of mobile workers. In 2012 around 60% of workers are using laptops as their primary device- which increases risks of data loss, data theft and data corruption.

Data protection and Corporate Governance Acts and Requirements can be long and difficult to digest and complicated to drill down to actionable items, and to see immediate business benefits. However, without securing & protecting your company data and – the personal and organizational consequences can be detrimental.

There are certain Governance, Risk and Compliance requirements & guidelines that all companies must follow, here is a basic corporate governance compliance check list:


Corporate Governance Compliance Checklist

Compliance is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for organizations. Instead, by ineffectively protecting your business data you put your company at risk of reputational damage, huge data loss costs and increasingly harsh financial and legal penalties.

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If you can tick any of the items on this corporate governance compliance checklist, your business is probably in breach of Data Protection Laws.

– No control over devices connected to Laptops & Workstations
– No control over data being moved to/from storage
– No control or visibility of data being moved via electronic channels
– Loss of sensitive data when laptops or desktops are lost / stolen
– No way of tracking / proving changes made to files
– Inability to obtain the required evidence of data loss, data leakage, industrial espionage or any other data breaches.
– Ineffective endpoint data backup solution
– No central management of central control over user data protection
– No centrally set and managed Data Backup Policy setting
– No solution in place for fast & effective data recovery
– User-managed data backup policy where user’s are required to copy data to a central file-server
– No automated endpoint data backup solution.

At a minimum, the Board should disclose that there is a documented and tested process in place that will allow the company to continue its critical business processes in the event of a disaster. It’s important to note that this corporate governance compliance check list is non-exhaustive and companies should consult legal professionals to ensure that they tick all the compliance boxes.

Consequences to non-compliance include:

□ Severe reputational damage
□ Legal disputes
□ Financial penalties
□ The appearance of ineffective internal management

Here are 10 rules for UK data protection compliance

With Cibecs Endpoint Data Protection, Compliance is Simplified & Ensured. Tick all the Corporate Governance Compliance Checklist Boxes. 

Cibecs is a built from the ground up business endpoint data backup & recovery solution focused on providing tangible business benefits. With Cibecs, Corporate Governance Compliance and Data Protection Law Compliance, is simple.

  • Centrally managed, automated endpoint data backup
  • Cibecs is a certified cryptography provider – no unauthorised access to confidential files
  • Comprehensive reporting provides easy monitoring of your Data Protection Rating
  • Fast & secure data recovery
  • Ability to track data changes
  • All business data is protected as defined in your backup policy – and is completely secure
We can assist you in ensuring that your organisation is compliant with all the required corporate governance compliance checklist items for your industry.

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