IT Managers: How to Protect Your Users Against Ransomware

The best way to protect yourself, your users and your business against ransomware is by setting up a proactive defence. The ransomware statistics paint a frightening picture for anyone in charge of IT: In Q3 2016 alone, 18 million new malware samples were captured. Source: Panda Labs   What that means is that the criminals…

Cibecs Joins Silicon Valley Top 20

Cibecs Joins Silicon Valley Companies to be Listed on Top 20 Most Promising Storage Solution Providers Cibecs, a leading South African endpoint backup, protection and security solution, has been recognised as one of the 20 Most Promising Storage Solutions by CIO Review. The list, compiled by industry insiders, highlights leading global technology providers that offer effective…

4 Signs You Need a New Endpoint Data Backup Solution

With more workers depending on laptops it is more important than ever to ensure that the work protected and stored on those devices is backed up and protected. Forrester Research says that 45% of corporate executives don’t follow policies for data use and handling. Underlining how at risk almost half of a business’s data actually…

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The Challenges of an Enterprise PC refresh project

Data Migration & Enterprise PC refresh projects Co-ordinating and managing PC refresh initiatives present the IT department with many challenges. Read our IT Manager’s Guide to Corporate PC Refresh Projects EXTENSIVE PLANNING: The process of assessing the current state of PCs within the organization and identifying areas that need updates is a massive undertaking. Issues…

Dude, where’s my data?

What, in your opinion, constitutes a massive breach, or loss, of data? Is it Sony’s recent faux pas where data theft affected over 77 million users?

The case for endpoint user data protection

In their latest report on endpoint user data backup, Gartner highlights the issue of endpoint user data security as one of the major problems faced by IT today.

Cibecs raises the bar in endpoint user data protection.

Business Connexion recently put Cibecs’ endpoint data backup and recovery solution through its paces, with all respondents finding it easy to use, fast, reliable and especially effective when traveling.

5 rules on how to protect your data when staff leave.

How to protect staff data when staff leave: Every day companies are at risk of business data loss Staff members that are retrenched, fired or somehow disgruntled with the organization are proving to be more than a headache, as recently proven when Boxing South Africa officials alleged that the organization’s former CEO “wiped valuable information…

Turning corporations into Kingdoms: GRC and Data Backup

King III Requirements in South Africa and Business Corporate Governance considerations This post is an overview of King III Requirements in South Africa   King III Compliance Legislation Compared to the 800 pound, legal gorilla called the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, King III comes across as something of a softie in the world of corporate governance. It’s…

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